December 6, 2008

Seth Update 2

Wolf here.

Seth and his friends got themselves into a bit of a problem a couple of weeks ago, especially my old buddy. They were pursuing their quarry on the soil of a country whose government is not what you’d call friendly to the United States, and Seth got his ass caught by a garrison of dumbasses.

He was held in a stockade for several days and severely mistreated. Apparently, they wanted to know how he and his accomplices got into the country and who helped them. Seth, who is one loyal cuss (which is how he go into the jam to begin with), refused to talk and was, as they say, put through the wringer. Even after over a week of being given a pretty rough time, the most he’d tell them concerned their parentage and suggested interesting ways they might experiment with their own body parts, most of which were impossible.

Some people I once worked with and I went down there and rescued him — I’ve long owed Seth for taking some serious risks on my behalf a long time ago, so this was the least I could do.

He’s now recuperating in what we will call an “undisclosed location” while we figure out a way to get him home without encountering any official complications and while he gets himself back to his old healthy self.

No permanent damage, just a lot of bruising, contusions and other minor effects one encounters when colliding with rifle stocks, truncheons and knuckles, and is half starved for a week or so and kept locked up in a stiflingly hot, muggy cell. He should be back to normal, if we can call what he was previously normal, in a week or so.

All in all, a wonderful time was had by all.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go rest these tired old bones for a day or so.

Wolf out.

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