November 5, 2008

Two points

Wolf here.

First, I will say that the results of the presidential election have really surprised me, in the sense that I now realize that this country consists of a majority of people who are either unmitigated mullet heads or who haven’t, despite living for the number of years it takes to become old enough to vote, yet grasped the concept behind the success of America during its short 200 year history.

Either way, while I’ll never be ashamed to be an American, I am ashamed of the so-called Americans who contributed to the election of Barack Obama, that they have the moxi to call themselves Americans, putting themselves in the same context as those of us who cherish our liberty and our Constitution.

Second, and very important, at least for me.

I put my butt on the line for the better part of 36 years so that Americans, even those among us who voted for Obama, could continue to enjoy the right to vote according to their choice, even if that choice is just plain stupid; It’s still an American right to vote for whomever one chooses.

Having said that, unlike the lefties (the media, Democrat politicians, your average liberal, etc), I will not lower myself, as an American, to bashing our next president, no matter who he may be, when he is serving (or whatever it is he’ll be doing) in the White House.

By majority vote, he’s what we have to live with as POTUS for at least four years, and whether I respect the man or not, I will respect the office.

We saw the results of liberals going against the government, rather than supporting them, during the Vietnam war. Because of that, America projected itself to the enemy as a country whose people were not behind our government, and General Giap hung in there when he would otherwise have surrendered, waiting for our dissenters to win out over our leaders. As a result, we lost a war we were winning right up until we withdrew our troops.

During the Bush Administration, we have seen the same thing: Our lefties attacking POTUS at every opportunity, once again sending a message to the rest of the world that the American people didn’t support our government.

I served under presidents like Carter and Clinton, whom I viewed as the two worst presidents in my lifetime, but both were elected by the people, and I gave them the respect they deserved as such, no matter how much it pained me to do so. They were still my commanders-in-chief.

I hope that as conservatives, we conduct ourselves more responsibly over the next four years.

Attacking a serving president does not serve any useful purpose other than to show America as a divided nation, so while Obama is in the Oval Office, I will shut my trap and hope that the man comes to realize what it actually means to be the President of the United States, and serves accordingly.

Who knows? Maybe being there on the front lines, barrage after barrage of economic, security, global and the full gamut of other problems that are daily directed a president’s way will make him grow up and address the office in a responsible, America-first mode of service.

Wolf out.

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November 1, 2008

Seth Update

Wolf here.

I apologize for not having been able to be more attentive to Hard Astarboard these last couple weeks or so, but in addition to bequeathing me the task at hand, Seth also gave me the email address and password to one of his business inboxes before he left, asking that I monitor it from time to time in case a client needed his help, so as to let them know that he is unavailable and will get back to them as soon as he is able.

I sent such a response to one client, and the client inquired as to whether I might be a professional associate of Seth’s. When I replied that I am not, we ended up in an exchange wherein I mentioned my military background and the client’s reaction was that I might well be of help, on the assumption that between my not so humble career past and Seth trusting me, as he does, with access to one of his business email accounts, I might be just the ticket in a clinch.

Sooooooo, for the last few weeks I’ve been engaged in doing a Seth type job, although I hardly think I could fill his shoes on a regular basis as I lack the professional terminology and regard for the subtleties required therein. It wasn’t as easy as I always kid my good friend it must be, so I’ve now made myself a nice chunk of change as a reward for my selfless stewardship of the aforementioned email inbox. Heh heh.

But to the meat of this post:

Seth is still out of the country, and I can’t begin to guess (he can’t, so how the hell can anyone expect me to?) when he’ll finally conclude the piece of personal business he’s involved with and get his butt back here.

He called me last night (I can’t say from where) to assure me that he’s still alive and kicking, and said he’s had some exciting and scary times, and to check up on the state of his business email and this blog.

Not that I was worried about his lack of contact, as he’s always been the kind of guy who knows how to take care of himself.

He’s been to some interesting places he calls “nice and not so nice places to visit, but…”

He also assures one and all that he misses all his readers and fellow bloggers, and looks forward to getting back and carrying on.

– Wolf

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