September 30, 2006

97 reasons(+ 1)….

…. not to vote Democrat on Election day are made more than apparent by two of my favorite right-thinking women.

Raven of And Rightly So posts on 97 excellent reasons here,

and the venerable Melanie Morgan provides another sterling reason here.

Those Democrats have really changed since the days of JFK, it seems all the fight’s gone out of them, except where their wars against our national security and the preservation of the American way of life are concerned.

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In my last post, I screwed up twice — I didn’t title it, so I cannot now access it to amend anything as I need the title to click on to do so {man vs computer}, and I neglected to put in the link I’d intended to Kat’s site, Cathouse Chat, a good place to go for both reading and espresso. :-)

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On Friday {yesterday} my modem went south and I couldn’t get online – the fine folks at Roadrunner, Time-Warner’s fast and fine Internet service provider, couldn’t get anybody out here until this afternoon – bummer! I was taking a couple of days’ respite from working on occupational projects, and ended up using the time to finish a novel I was reading, do a few formerly procrastinated-upon things around the house and watch more TV than usual. Among the things I watched on the tube were The Devil’s Advocate and some really corny “horror” film called Chopping Mall, which was about a bunch of killer robots, part of the after hours proprietary security system at a mall, that was killing off young, festive mall employees having a late-night party on the premises. Chopping Mall does not pose any sort of threat to Gone With The Wind as far as rankings in the annals of cinema history are concerned, trust me on this one.

I did listen to a lot of music, including some great, mellow old music I had forgotten about, such singles as Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne, Judy Collins’ Both Sides Now, Till Tuesday’s Voices Carry, the Monkees’ Sometime In The Morning, The Bangles’ Return Post, The Doors’ Touch Me, Helen Reddy’s Peaceful and Simon & Garfunkels’ For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her, to name a few.

I did my listening and reading out on my back deck, a seriously peaceful, vividly green (except for the profusion of colorful flowering plants, exotic rose bushes, etc) environment full of bird music and assorted critters passing through, and enjoyed my day immensely, also taking the time to prepare a rather large langoste an ongoing client of mine in the West Indies sent me, on ice, as a gift. I boiled the meaty, clawless lobster for about ten minutes, seasoned it with my favorite Cajun spices, then completed its preparation on my barbecue grill, cooking it over mesquite. I dined upon it with a steamed artichoke w/ melted garlic butter and some Long Island grown rhubarb I did with brown sugar. It was awesome. Shamefully, I’ll admit that the rhubarb was dessert and that I smothered it in whipped cream, but Yum!

My beverage of choice for the day was what I call Irish Espresso {my own recent concoction}:

4 oz espresso
1 ½ oz Bushmills malt whiskey
Steamed milk
Chocolate powder sprinkled on top

Good practice for the winter months’ hot toddy days.

I presently own my first ever espresso maker, which is actually 50% of a West Bend combo coffee maker and espresso machine, anything but the device of a connoisseur. Whenever I use it to make an espresso, a macchiato or a capucino, I get a small complex. For this, we can thank my good friend Kat, of Cathouse Chat fame, LOL. When I was up visiting her and her super family back in early August — in fact, on my birthday — for a get together of blogger friends, she served me espresso(it was deeeelicious!) made with a serious business espresso machine, and when I bought my West Bend thing, she made sure I knew that it wasn’t anything anyone serious about espresso would own, LOL.

However, I’ve really gotten into it, and I would put an espresso, a macchiato or capucino I make in my “dubious” device up against any made in a high-fallutin’, bona fide, certified, accredited, fancy professional espresso machine any day. Just think of the boasting I’ll be able to do once I own a real live, serious bizness, feniculi fenicula, “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie” espresso machine. Adam West and Burt Ward will be all over me – “Holy latte, Batman, it’s The Boaster!”

As I’ve long used Café Bustelo as my brand of regular coffee – Bustelo is an espresso roast/grind, I don’t have to change brands to make espresso drinks. Yum, and I mean effin Yum!

Funny, but my modem mysteriously resurrected itself this morning. I called Time Warner, thinking to cancel the tech dude’s visit, and they recommended I have him/ her (actually, I’ve never had a woman show up to install or service phone, Internet, satellite TV or other technical concerns, but *I know they’re out there somewhere) come check it out, anyway, to forestall any future similar events.

* A Moody Blues track of similar name was also on my yesterday’s playlist.

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September 28, 2006

This 7 November….

…. it is crucial that all those among us with their heads screwed on right, who cherish liberty and want to survive as both a nation based on freedom and in possibly millions of cases as living and breathing human beings, get to the polls and vote.

The opposition, those to the left side of the aisle, are neither fit nor credible enough to trust with the governing of this great country. One responsibility the current crop of Democrats in Congress refuse to countenance is that of putting the country before their own partisan political agendas, and they say and do whatever it takes, truth not an issue, to rabidly hammer their dubious diatribes into the American consciousness.

Thespis, of Thespis Journal, has this highly accurate take on today’s Democrats and why they need to be defeated come November.


When you are voting this November consider the following serial pattern of lying, deceitfulness, deception, and use of counterfeit grievances by the radical liberals against President Bush and the Republicans.


AJ Strata believes, as do I, that the republicans will retain control of both houses on the night of November 7, 2006. The liberals are morally and intellectually bankrupt. Their blitz of conspiracy theories, born in the defeat of Al Gore in 2000, has made today’s democrat party the party of the delusional, the disaffected, the demonizers, and deranged. Let’s hope that the defeatocrats experience the wrath of an unexpected and underestimated conservative turn out this November.

You’ve read the beginning and the end, now go and read all that comes in between in the well written and conceived linked post.


More on the importance of getting out those votes 40 days from today can be found with Gayle, at My Republican Blog.

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Treason With Impunity

If you only read one post at one blog today, it’s got to be this one.

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September 27, 2006


Time for a wee-hours-of-the-morning feast.

Another Seth kind of thing, knockwursts and sauerkraut over a thin spread of dijon mustard {made in Canada, as French products are forbidden in my house} in open-faced sandwich format on rye bread, ramen noodles and fresh tomatoes smothered in Marie’s creamy Italian dressing.


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Failures In Action

The last two Democrat administrations, totalling a dozen years, failed us miserably.

So what do we get as consolation prizes?

We get Failure #1, the 4-year-failure, travelling the globe, badmouthing our country at every turn while swallowing sans gag reflex for our enemies. They love his deep-throated voice.

We get Failure #2, the 8-year-failure, losing his composure, big time, during a FOX interview. The only thing he didn’t do was challenge his host to a fist fight. This particular failure constituted a moral blemish on our country during the 1990s. He couldn’t even be faithful to his wife, how could anyone have expected him to be faithful to his country?

Just speculating on the merits, or lack thereof, of those our anti-morality, anti-America political party chooses next to try to elect to the highest office in the land when they are able to catch America sleeping…. The gigolo last candidate they served up, the fella with the dubiously documented war record, sure proved a piece of work…

What will they endeavor to foist upon us next, the sociopathic wife of Failure #2?

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September 26, 2006

Before I Head Out….

…. I want to post this highly relevant and telling article. I have to head to the airport in a couple of hours, and this will be the last you hear from me for a couple of days, but this is too important not to post first:

I’ve said this before and I don’t think I can ever say it enough: It truly aggravates me that the majority of my fellow American Jews are Democrats and/or liberals.

The American left is no friend of Israel, they continuously support the Jewish State’s enemies, who just happen to be enemies of the United States and of every aspect of our way of life, and of late the Democrats have taken a critical stance toward Israel’s self defense efforts, as well, ignoring reality altogether in favor of political illusion.

The overwhelming number of Democrats on the Hill vote continuously in favor of those seeking to destroy Israel, and American Jews support these folks.

To coin a phrase, “What’s up with that?”

The linked article is a must-read, go for it!

A major hat tip, here, along with a generous helping of gratitude for sharing, to Civil Truth.

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September 25, 2006


I will be offshore for a couple of days in meetings with a client, and will most likely not be heard from until Thursday.

Just to let y’all know why I may not be replying to comments until then, or posting anything new.

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September 24, 2006


Terrorist Bloopers.

Now this is funny.

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