April 28, 2006

Alert From Bay Buchanan

I received this email alert from Bay Buchanan today and thought I’d pass it on.

Remember when Tyson got busted a few years ago for employing criminal aliens? Well, to judge from the following they’re still at it. Remember, also that 1 May is the day when in-name-only Americans, criminal aliens and other folks either not fit to live in this country or simply too stupid to understand what they endorse are skipping work in solidarity with the movement that supports making America the only country on earth with no-limit open borders, violating federal law in the meantime and flying another country’s flag above ours.

Read on….

May Day, May Day

Dear Friend,

Tyson’s Food plants are officially closing on Monday!! They say it is to
support the boycott called by our illegal workers—or could it be there
aren’t enough legal workers on the premises to keep the place operating?
If our man Chertoff wants America to buy into his tough talking posturing,
he’d march his federal agents into the executive suites of the chicken man
and round them up for deportation into the federal prison system.

Then there is the California Democratic Senate—they passed a resolution
supporting Monday’s “Great American Boycott 2006”. To clarify:
Legislators, who are paid by the taxpayers, whose jobs are to represent
the interests of these same taxpayers, are endorsing an effort designed
specifically -to harm these same taxpayers.

Some of the legislators are themselves going to walk off the job. No harm
done here.

Meanwhile the Star Spangled Banner is being translated into Spanish and
rushed into production in time for Monday’s big protest—they say it is a
sign of solidarity! Who is doing the pr for these guys? The Minutemen?

Consider: the street demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of illegals
completely backfired—polls show that Americans are two times more likely
to oppose their demands than support them after seeing the demonstrations.
Wait til they hear the latest version of our national anthem!

Now let me update you on what is happening back here in Washington.

The Senators came back from their Easter break with a clear understanding
that Americans have had it. It’s not that they care about the outrage of
the citizenry over the failure of Washington to stop the illegal invasion.
No, what they want is to pass amnesty. But they have concluded they
can’t do that until they have made some gesture toward the demands of the
masses: border control and enforcement first.

So this week two things happen. Both excellent but need to be kept in
context. The Senate passed nearly $2 billion for border security and
Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff, cracked down on IFCO, wooden pallet
makers, arresting 1187 illegal workers at their plants and 6 mid
management types.

The question is: Is this Administration suddenly serious about border
security and enforcement—or are they simply appeasing the masses long
enough to get Congress to approve an amnesty for 20 million illegals. The
facts suggest the latter.

On the one hand Secretary Chertoff’s said his department was committed to
going after “employers who knowingly or recklessly hire unauthorized
workers”. But then he said we need to create a legal path for employers
to hire workers on a “temporary basis”. (Read: massive guest worker.)

Considering Mr. Chertoff released most of the arrested illegal workers
before the sun went down we can’t take him too seriously anyway.

So here is what I expect. Next week the Senate will be back to meeting
privately to decide how much of an amnesty they can jam through the
Senate. Then the following week or two they will go for it.

We can’t let them do it.

Our plan—get back on phones! I know you must be tired of calling but it
is working. It’s what got us the $2 billion and the single raid. And
what you see on Monday will convince you all over again how urgently this
nation needs your efforts.

Tell all the Senators you can call and your Congressman: No Amnesty and No
Guest Worker—Tell them you want a fence and serious enforcement, and you
want them now!

Friends, America doesn’t have much time left if we can’t make Washington
do their job. The demands on Monday will be for amnesty for 20 million
people and their families. Our voice must be louder than theirs. Please
call your Senators’ offices starting again Monday and don’t stop
calling—America is depending on you as it never has before.

Thank you for all you are doing to save this nation. I’ll report again to
you next week.

Bay Buchanan

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April 27, 2006

Oh, No, Not A Quiz!

Yep, one of them thar quizzes that’re supposed to determine where y’ar in the political spectrum, albeit a short one(in fact, it’s called the World’s Smallest Political Quiz), so if you’re of a mind to, have at it.

H/T Brenda

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April 26, 2006

Ehud Olmert, Continuing The Giveaway

Anybody who’s read my blog for awhile knows how strongly I feel about Israeli politicians Frenchly surrendering to terrorism and the opinions of countries whose oil interests place them firmly in the Arab camp, and ceding more and more land to the Palestinians. To Hamas.

I received this short, to-the-point post from Ryan Jones at Zionist.com, and would like to share it. Rather than rehash my opinion yet again on the Great Giveaway now being continued by new Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, I’ll refer you to the post, where my condensed opinion appears as the first comment.

It is here.

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Cell Phones Of Today

I bought my first cell phone, a Nokia, I believe, in the mid 1990s. Since then I’ve owned about half a dozen others. At first, buying a new one was no big deal, I could figure out how to use all the functions easily, without much consultation of the manual, then suddenly — bam! — they started coming loaded with truckloads of technology that people of my generation might not, as strange as it seems, associate with a telephone.

When I opened the account I now have with Verizon, whom I incidentally find a lot easier to deal with than any of their competitors I’ve used, the phone that came with my account was a little silver colored LG camera phone, and there was so much going on in there that even with the manual, I couldn’t figure most of it out. The people who write these instruction manuals seem to believe that everybody, like them, grew up at the right time to acquire ground floor entry into what has become today’s technology, or engineers, as a technical writer aunt of mine suggests, who can’t write anything most folks can understand unless they have an armload of PhDs.

So I contented myself with using only the functions for which I had gotten the device to begin with: A telephone. I took a few pics with it when I first got it and found that the camera wasn’t all that good, which didn’t bother me in the slightest. I have a digital camera that also contains all the bells and whistles, and I use that the way people used a Kodak instamatic a few technological centuries ago, but that’s, as they say, neither here nor there, as we’re discussing cell phones.

The problem I did have with the LG, however, was the distance between the speaker and the mouthpiece. When I was having a conversation, if I didn’t hold it up high enough I couldn’t hear what the other party was saying, and if I didn’t hold it low enough, the other party couldn’t hear what I was saying. It also had this too-light, flimsy feel to it and finally, last Fall, I went to the Verizon store and bought a new one — really new, as in the model, not the item. They didn’t even have spare batteries for it in the stores. It’s a Samsung that renders the LG a mere piece of technological history, boneyard material if there ever was any, with a videocam and even more high tech marvels I’ll never be able to figure out. I actually bought the phone for the sole reasons that a) it’s bigger, heavier and fits better in the hand, and b) the speaker phone function is infinitely better than that of the smaller LG.

What got me on this topic was a seriously funny column I read by television and book writer Lloyd Garver on one of his own cell phone experiences.

Read it here.

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April 22, 2006

Public Nuisances

This one’s a must-read.

American Spectator Editor-In-Chief Bob Tyrrell has definitely definitively defined our resident leftist irritant organizations as exactly what they are: Public Nuisances.

Starting at some point in the last century the public nuisance acquired a halo by claiming that his obnoxious behavior was induced by high purpose and noble values. In the 1930s pacifists tested the outer limits of public-nuisance law to oppose American entry into World War II. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini favored their labors — to a point. In the 1930s there were also food fanatics and nudists numbered among the public nuisances. Through the years Americans have become inured to these misfits and malcontents, sympathetic as we are to the protesters’ claims to higher virtue and noble purpose.

By the later decades of the 20th century many public nuisances’ misbehavior moved from mere mischief to mayhem, but ordinary Americans have remained good natured, generally, so long as the nuisances are not trampling the ordinary Americans’ petunias or hauling them into court. Nudists are too polite to commit such excesses, and even militant bicycle riders shun such tactics. Yet there are public nuisances who frequently engage in rough stuff. Probably the roughest of the public nuisances are the animal-rights fanatics. Some actually undertake acts of terror, blowing up laboratories and — for some reason — ski resorts. Just a few months back 11 were indicted on federal warrants for such crimes.

Read the entire column here.

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Always Ready To Help Out

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty bogged down with work, in the last few days I’ve been all about a completely non-stop existence, in and out of town twice and buried while at home. So, I’m taking a break.

My computer bearing something other than work, a glass of 18 year old Glenmorangie on the rocks at hand and some good music playing, in this case some Mozart string quintets, the volume not so high that I can’t hear the wall of sound produced by the myriad birds in my treesome new neighborhood — I have about nine of the suckers, big-uns, right here on my own third of an acre of America. Being a former big city, apartment dwelling kind of guy, I can only say that this is pure paradise, albeit without all those virgins they give you when you courageously blow up some women and children in the name of the Religion of Peace.

I’ll tell you, I would never want to work in the PR department at CAIR(Council of American Islamic Relations), or, for that matter, in any department at CAIR. Can you imagine the outrageous stress levels those poor wretches must endure? You devote every minute of your workday, every last drop of sweat in your personal universe, to promoting as common knowledge that the religion you represent is one of peace and devotion to G-d, while all over the world, fellow Muslims you endorse are committing murder and mayhem in His name. The strokes and heart attacks they must have there…. What undoubtedly makes things even worse is that while you are promoting the peacefulness concept on behalf of your organization, you and the folks running said org are also profoundly supportive of Islamofascist terrorism. This has to mean that some tall tales as well as the occasional bald faced lie must be told, but hey, it’s okay to lie to infidels.

Anyway, I didn’t come to talk about terrorist animals jihadis.

As the title of this post indicates, I’m always ready to help out.

Today, I would like to help out those who aren’t completely sure where their political beliefs really are by referring them to a test that will leave no question as to where they stand. It was sent me by its author, Don Hagen, a masterpiece if ever I saw one, aptly titled THE SATIRICAL POLITICAL BELIEFS ASSESSMENT TEST.

I had read it previously, over at blog buddy Kender’s place, and thought then that it is definitely worth sharing. Have at it, it’s a lot of fun.


There are also a lot of people out there who are Democrats. These are fellow Americans, even if they are sniffing along behind the Kerrys, Kennedys, Carters and Clintons with whom our great country is patriotically challenged. So we must help them to become better Democrats, and the best way to do that is to direct them to a checklist of 21 Ways To Be A Good Democrat, which is graciously posted at Always On Watch.

Check ‘em out.

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April 16, 2006

What’s Wrong With Liberals?

With the exception of my Aunt Brenda, who is a conservative Democrat in the mold of those who were around before the liberals took over as the DNC’s spokespersons(Hah! A PC term!) and still retains her logic, reason and patriotic attitude, the remaining members of my family are liberals(not me!).

In an email the other day, a cousin of mine who is an attorney and pretty far to the left, evidently, told me he believes we should open our borders to any and all immigrants, legality apparently notwithstanding, who wish to come into the United States. He cited the fact that immigrants have always been dimly viewed for whatever reason, referring to those who came here long ago. My reply was along the lines of what follows herein –

I suppose my entire reply was a rant, telling him that the single most significant reason the liberals’ control of the Democratic party has injured it is that liberals tend to gravitate toward the Utopian rather than the real.

Sure, it would be great if we could accept everyone who wants to move here, bring ‘em on in!

But, I asked, what happens when we’ve got everyone on earth who wants to live in the USA here, tens of millions of immigrants who are having a rough time where they are(in the days to which he refers, the combined totals of members of each ethnic group immigrating were a mere fraction of that which we are looking at today, and most entered the U.S. with some semblance of legality)? What about the unemployables and the tens of millions of immigrants whose very presence exceeds available jobs? You know, the ones whose only options will be to get on welfare or starve? What about health care? What about housing?

Liberals don’t think about what happens down the road, they only consider the Utopian principles of the now.

“This is nice, so it must be done…”

In order to accommodate the massive immigration these liberals think is acceptable, we would have to readust our economy, big time. Not the least of our adjustments would be off-setting healthcare, after the HMOs became unprofitable, by allowing the government to go with socialized medicine, setting up still another federal bureaucracy(we all know how screwed up that would be in terms of mismanagement, big gubmint having already established a track record thereabouts) and transforming our successful capitalist republic into the same kind of majorly overtaxed, 10+ % unemployed, failing socialist quagmire they’re experiencing in the Euro countries.

I can’t, having known my cousin since exactly ten years after I was born, even begin to think that he’s the Marxist most other true-believing liberals are at heart, or simply someone who hates America and all it stands for(tell me it ain’t so!), a member of the “blame America first” system of belief. Here, his being misguided would be highly preferable to my peace of mind.

Of course, the creation of the kind of mess open borders would bring in would mean, as do all socioeconomic messes, more work for lawyers, so perhaps he’s thinking like most attorneys do — the hell with the wellbeing of the country, we must look to our own employment security…

What do you call a busload of lawyers with one empty seat…?

In the open border scenario, taxes would more than double what we pay here and unemployment would become the same nasty joke it is in socialist countries like France. Ouch!

And our own homegrown leftists either don’t think about that or simply ignore the concept.

Which sums up liberal doctrine: Mares-eat-oats-and -does-eat-oats, in an ideal world….

They either don’t consider the consequences of their Utopian efforts due to a “we need it now(forsaking any thought as to long term penalties for what we do)” or they simply couldn’t care less. In my cousin’s case, I like to believe that it is the former case, that it’s his optimistic instincts kicking in rather than any sense of reality. What a hard call that must be, though, either way — “feel-good vs reality”.

Hmm, tough.

I truly don’t want to believe that he may be a member of the mainstream cult of liberals that feel our form of government is obsolete and must, at all costs, be replaced with socialism if not all-out Marxism.

I mean… I mean, WTF!?

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April 13, 2006

The Battle For Fran O’Brien’s

While I was in Washington DC in early September, I discovered Fran O’Brien’s, a steak house and bar that has since become my favorite place for dinner in the Nation’s capital. It is always busy and the food is great.

I was originally attracted to the establishment when I learned that Hal Koster, one of the owners and a veteran himself, feeds patients from Walter Reed who have lost limbs fighting for freedom on behalf of our country a free steak dinner and drinks every Friday evening.

Fran O’Brien’s is located underneath the Capitol Hilton and is a tenant of same, and apparently, Hilton management does not share the restaurant’s patriotism or their gratitude to those who have sacrificed mightily for this country.

They have served Fran O’Brien’s with an eviction notice!

Read the entire story over at Euphoric Reality.

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A Site Worth Checking Out

If you have the opportunity and are as passionate about the criminal alien problem that’s recently become a front line issue as I am, you must check out this website.

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Lick A Stamp, Send A card

This kid came back from Iraq the sole survivor of his unit and in really bad shape, like healing one thing complicates another. He served his country in a way that few have served and fewer can understand — he faced the reality of war for the rest of us and is suffering wounds that will painfully complicate the rest of his life.

His name is Kevin Downs and he’s a young patriot from Tennessee. Please pray for him, thank him a million times a day for his sacrifice on behalf of all Americans and send him a card or a letter at

Sgt. Kevin Downs
Brooke Army Medical Center
3851 Roger Brooke Drive
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

Hat tip and profound thanks to blog pal Romeo Cat for letting us know about Sgt. Downs and the situation in which he has returned home from combat.

Kevin Downs has both my prayers and my gratitude, as an American and as a patriot. God bless him.

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